Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Dereck Loves Shopping Brunch"

May 17, 2009
The Sunday brunch was an exceptional event. Celebrity guests such as Alexandra Alexis, Alex McCord from the Real Housewives of New York City, with her family and adorable Eli Biehl the chihuahua were some of the attendies at this event. The room was filled with many other great people such as celebrity entertainers, producers, actors, actresses, models, media event planners, etc. Dereck, the well known fashionista from "Dereck Loves Shopping", hosted the occasion.
Maryam Basir, Ashley and Raven Athena

Luke Destin posing with friend

Michelle Travis and Mario Corrares Jr.

Raven Athena, Neil Simon and Michelle Travis

Michelle Travis, Dereck Warburton, Amanda Sagefka, Neil Simon and Luke Destin

Dereck Warburton and Amanda Sagefka

Celebrity Magician Matt Wayne
Eli Biehl, the famous chihuahua and his owner Karen Biehl

Dereck Warborton and friend

Hillary Flowers, Sabrina Chapman and Nina

Hillary Flowers and Dereck Warburton

Luke Destin and Dereck Warburton

Giancarlo Ioppolo
Dereck Warborton and Adrien Field

Dereck Warburton and Mario Corrares Jr.
Melanie Moore, Keino Benjamin and Alexandra Alexis

Dereck Warburton and Justin St. Clair

Justine McCarthy, Lenny Emery, Ashley Marie, Dereck Warborton, Ashley Foster, Mario Corrares Jr. and Sabrina Chapman

Lenny Emery, Ashley Marie, Dereck Warborton, Ashley Foster and Mario Corrares Jr.

Sabrina Chapman, Dereck Warborton and Justine McCarthy

Britten Heft, Stephanie Newhouse, Dereck Warborton and Jen Marden

Jessica Land, Dereck Warborton and Patrycja Warda
Dereck Warborton and friend
Alexandra Nagy, Amanda Sagefka and Dereck Warborton

Dereck knows that everyone wants individuality in their style and shopping at the big stores that everyone goes to can hamper with it. No one wants to walk around looking the same so shopping at these boutiques is a great way to solve that problem. At the end of the event Dereck answered guest questions in regard to anything having to do with fashion. Three fashion tips Dereck gave were:
Alex McCord from the "Real Housewives of New York" with her family and Dereck Warburton

Tia Walker, Dereck Warborton and Peggie Walker
Dereck Warburton with Karen Biehl and Eli Biehl the celebrity chihuahua

Alexandra Alexis and Dereck Warburton
Dereck Warburton (center) and Giancarlo Ioppolo

1.Navy is the new black.
2.Bright colors are in and to stay away from the black dull clothes.
3.Leggings arent in anymore so time to hang it up.
The sunday brunch went smoothly and Dereck brought the wonderful idea of boutique shopping to our attention. The atmosphere in the room was marvelous.
Yvonne Lee